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TEKTON POLES, the Future of

Utility Infrastructure

Our poles, engineered with the revolutionary Theis Tekton materials, are more than just utility poles. They stand as a beacon of innovation, sustainability, and resilience.

Embrace unparalleled efficiency and join us in shaping a sustainable future with Tekton Pole & Pipe.

Market problems

Current utility pole production falls short of meeting industry demands. Moreover, existing poles are vulnerable to environmental damage and fire, demanding extensive resources for their manufacture, installation, and maintenance. This scenario inflates costs for all stakeholders, compromises performance, and escalates risk.



Environmental Effects

Extreme Cirsumstances

The TEKTON POLE Solution

When operating at peak capacity, our Tekton Poles will be produced every five minutes. Not only do our poles offer exceptional fire resistance, but they also embody environmental stewardship. Contributing to the broader utility industry's objective of 'hardening the grid,' our poles boost resilience and reliability. By reducing costs and risks, while enhancing dependability, our poles and pipes represent a transformative shift in the utility industry.

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Tekton Poles

the Future of Utility Infrastructure

What We Do

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TPP stands at the cutting edge of the utility industry, transforming it with revolutionary products. Renowned for unparalleled efficiency and superior fire protection, TPP is the long-awaited answer for energy sector companies, local and regional grid operators, utility and non-utility suppliers, equipment vendors, and distributors.

Our utility poles don't just ensure short-term cost-effectiveness and infrastructure protection; they represent a paradigm shift in the utility industry. We are committed to sustainability, innovation, and excellence. By introducing eco-friendly solutions and empowering communities globally, TPP is shaping a more resilient and robust future.

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